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Archiving & Compliance

Archive websites to time-travel to the past to see how it has changed over time.

Text Tracking

Record changes in web pages or articles and visualize differences.

Competitor Tracking

Stay informed when competitors modify their content or pricing.

Price Tracking

Keep an eye on product prices and receive immediate alerts when they change.

Key Features

Real Browser

Our bots use a fully JavaScript-enabled browser, enabling content capture from any website while avoiding detection and blocking.

Instant Notifications

Receive alerts via MS Teams, Slack, Telegram, Discord, or Email instantly when changes occur.

You can also set it up to be notified only when certain conditions are met - for example, when text is removed or added, when the price drops below a certain value, and more.

Monitoring Reports

Get concise daily or weekly reports to easily track updates without feeling overwhelmed with notifications.

Flexible Scheduling

Fine tune your monitoring schedule to prevent unnecessary disruptions during your non-active hours.

Labeling the way you want

Tracking a large list of pages? Structure your monitored pages in multiple Folders or apply custom labels to filter list of pages the way you want.

Review Board

Don't want to miss a single page change for compliance reasons?

Effortlessly review or flag detected changes as you navigate through Kanban-like lanes and add notes for clarity.

Collaboration features

Invite multiple users to your account, send email notifications with Cc emails, and create multiple workspaces for various teams.

Easy Notification Management

Heading on vacation and need to temporarily halt notifications? Unsubscribe from specific pages or entire folders with a few clicks.

If someone has added your email as a Cc and you're no longer interested in change detections, unsubscribing is just a few clicks away.


Capture and store full-page screenshots for your review.

Upgrade to our Enterprise plan to enjoy unlimited screenshot storage.

Perform Actions

Automatically block cookie banners, hide certain areas of the website to keep false-positive notification rate low.

You may also wait for text to appear, click on buttons, type text or submit forms to interact with the page.

Bulk Management

Whether you paste multiple URLs or scan your entire website for similar pages to track, it's easy to handle multiple pages at once.

You can also update their configurations in bulk or take advantage of reusable page templates for added convenience.

Password-Protected Page Monitoring

Keep track of pages that require user to be logged-in.

Configure login page once and activate it on multiple tracked pages.

Tracking multiple elements

Focus on specific areas of the page by selecting and tracking multiple elements.

This not only reduces the frequency of false positive notifications but also helps maintain structured data.

File tracking

Monitor content changes in public PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint files as well as documents on cloud document management services such as Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint

Page Element Selector

Easily "click-to-select" page element for tracking.

For advanced use cases, you may also type the CSS/XPath selector manually.

Flexible Data Exports & Reporting

Export the data to Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Download full history for specific page or bulk select to export multiple pages.

Google Sheets

Store and auto-update all tracked pages in a Google Sheets document for easy review or integration with other tools.


Connect with the 2000+ other applications to automate your workflow.

Auto Discover pages

Automatically find and track pages in a website as soon as they are published.

Setup a Template to automatically start tracking new pages as soon as they are discovered.


Share the tracked page with your friends or colleagues easily, just a click of a button.

Custom Proxy Support

Use our pool of datacenter/residential proxies or use custom proxies to avoid getting blocked.

If the request fails or element is not found, we will retry the request several times with different proxies so we could bypass the IP bans.

API & Webhooks

Programmatically interact with for more complex integrations. Webhooks are sent instantly once a change has been detected.

Cloudflare/Captcha bypass

Bypasses CloudFlare and other bot detections automatically.

Pages protected with reCAPTCHA/hCaptcha may be bypassed for additional cost.

Advanced conf.

Fine-tune tracking with RegEx patterns, Device size, Locale, Custom Headers and more to make the tracking even more powerful.

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