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Monitoring multiple elements on page

Help Center FeaturesLast updated: 28 May, 2024

Let's explore how you can make the most of's ability to monitor multiple elements on a webpage.

Benefits of Multi-Element Monitoring empowers users by allowing them to focus on what truly matters to them on a webpage. This feature provides several key advantages:

Fewer False Alarms

By monitoring only the elements that matter to you, you significantly reduce the chances of receiving irrelevant notifications.

Tailored Monitoring lets you customize your monitoring experience. Whether it's tracking product prices, news headlines, or any other element on a webpage, you have the flexibility to choose what's important to you.

Structured Data

Monitoring multiple elements not only provides timely alerts but also gathers organized data for analysis and informed decision-making.

Available Tracked Element Types

<ul> <li><b>Text</b> - Track changes of the text. Only tracks the first matching element.</li> <li><b>HTML</b> - Track changes of the HTML contents. Only tracks the first matching element.</li> <li><b>Number</b> - Track numeric value of selected element. Numeric value will be automatically extracted from the text if available.</li> <li><b>Text (all matches)</b> - Works similarly as "Text" includes all matching page elements, in case there is more than one.</li> <li><b>Text (all matches, sorted)</b> - Same as "Text (all matches)" but it will also be sorted alphabetically. This helps to reduce false positive notifications where you only track specific parts of the page.</li> <li><b>Fullpage</b> - Track all visible text on the website.</li> <li><b>Embedded Iframes</b> - Some websites embed additional information from external sources using the &#x3C;iframe&#x3E; elements. &#x3C;iframe&#x3E; text is not included on the 'Plain text' method...</li> <li><b>JavaScript</b> - Execute a JavaScript function to return results (Advanced).</li> </ul>

Configuring New Tracked Page

Using for multi-element monitoring is simple and effective:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Track New Page, fill in the page URL then select Tracked Elements to track.
  3. You may choose one of the available tracked elements indicated above.
  4. For simplify, we recommend start with using "Text" tracked element and then specifying element to track.

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