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Voting in Colorado7%Skip to main content Enable accessibility for visually impaired Open the accessibility menu Skip to content CHIP IN $10 TO SUPPORT JOHN HICKENLOOPER >> CHIP IN $10 TO SUPPORT JOHN HICKENLOOPER >> Home Meet John Español Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Spotify Donate Now Donate Now Voting in Colorado It is too late to return your ballot by mail. If you have not voted, please drop off your ballot or vote in person at a Voter Service & Polling Center before [DATE REMOVED]. In Colorado, every active registered voter receives a ballot in the mail automatically. If you have not received a ballot in the mail, you should vote in person or request a replacement mail ballot at a Voter Service & Polling Center (VSPC) in your county. Find a VSPC >> Voting by mail: It is too late to return your ballot by mail. Please vote by either dropping off your ballot or voting in person at a Voter Service & Polling Center.  Dropping off your ballot: Ballot drop boxes will open starting on [DATE REMOVED]. You can drop your ballot off at any drop box [DATE REMOVED], or at a Voter Service & Polling Center until [DATE REMOVED]rd. Find a drop box >> Voting in person: You can vote in person starting on [DATE REMOVED] at a Voting Service & Polling Center in your county. Find a VSPC >> REGISTERING TO VOTE You can register to vote and vote in this election up through the minute polls close on Election Day. If you have a Colorado ID you can register to vote online, or in person at a VSPC through [DATE REMOVED]. If you do not have a Colorado ID you can register in person at any VSPC in your county through [DATE REMOVED]. It is too late to receive a ballot in the mail. If you are registering to vote for the first time, you can vote in person at a VSPC in your county or pick up a replacement mail ballot to return by drop box by [DATE REMOVED]. If you have been displaced or do not have a ballot because of the wildfires in Colorado, contact your county clerk about requesting an emergency ballot. IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINES [DATE REMOVED]: Counties start mailing ballots and some drop boxes open [DATE REMOVED]: Drop boxes & VSPCs open across the state [DATE REMOVED]: [DATE REMOVED] to register and still be sent a ballot in the mail [DATE REMOVED]: [DATE REMOVED] to mail your ballot back to ensure delivery by [DATE REMOVED] [DATE REMOVED]: ELECTION DAY! Polls close [DATE REMOVED] Questions about voting? Call the Voter Protection Hotline [DATE REMOVED]-0148. TRACK YOUR BALLOT You can sign up to track your ballot here.  CURE YOUR BALLOT Occasionally, there are errors that are easy to fix that can keep a ballot from being counted. When that happens, the County Clerk should contact you to let you know there is something you need to do to “cure” your ballot and have it count in this historic election. Alternatively, to be sure, you can check to see if your ballot was rejected at > check my mail ballot status > ballot information. If you need to “cure” your ballot, you have until [DATE REMOVED]. It’s quick and easy to cure. Here’s how >> For more information, contact the Colorado Secretary of State or your local county clerk & recorder. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on print Join Us Email Address Zip Code Phone Number By providing your cell phone number you consent to receive 10 or more recurring updates or donation asks each month from Hickenlooper for Colorado by automated text message. Txt HELP for help, STOP to end. Msg&Data rates may apply. Privacy Policy. Terms of Service. Home Privacy Policy Terms Accessibility Volunteer Donate PAID FOR BY HICKENLOOPER FOR COLORADO PO Box 18886, Denver, CO 80218 Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Flickr Spotify Youtube
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