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About Us – Virginia House Democrats1%Get up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19 › Skip to content Virginia House Democrats About Our Caucus Our Impact Members News Vote Get Involved Donate About Us Who We Are The Virginia House Democrats are devoted to creating a better future for Virginia families by guiding efforts to elect Democratic leaders of character, integrity, ability, and vision. Our official site,, represents the authoritative Democratic voice in the House of Delegates. The Virginia House Dems are committed to recruiting and electing leaders who will fight for education, jobs, and equality for all Virginians. What We Do As the leading organization supporting Democrats for the Virginia House, we’re focused on recruiting candidates for critical seats and supporting them through the entire election cycle. We offer full-cycle guidance for campaigns, including: Recruiting and training candidates. Training campaign staff. Connecting campaigns with consultants. Assisting with the funding of polls. Coordinating media needs like TV ads. Assisting with campaign fundraising. Helping candidates hone their strategies and find their voice. The House Democratic Caucus assists elected Democratic delegates with research and public relations during the legislative session. We also raise money to recruit and fund candidates for the House and supervise their campaigns.  We owe our success to our Democratic leadership, the unity of our delegates, and supporters like you. Leadership Eileen Filler-Corn Speaker More About Eileen Charniele Herring Majority Leader More About Charniele Rip Sullivan Caucus Chair More about Rip Staff Virginia House Dems staff members are dedicated local leaders with experience working on campaigns, as part of local organizations, or in elected office. Jaime Reimers Executive Director More About Jaime Erin Monaghan Legislative & Policy Director More About Erin Matt Calderon Finance Director More About Matt Kate Sarna Communications Director More About Kate Justin Calhoun Digital Manager More About Justin Emily Beer Member Services Director More About Emily Danya Rafiqi Campaigns Director More About Danya Dylan Doody Campaigns Director More About Dylan Stay Informed Email Address Connect With Us Paid for and authorized by House Democratic Caucus 1021 E. Cary Street, Suite 1275, Richmond, VA 23219 Not authorized by any Candidate or Candidate Committee Powered by Tech for Campaigns
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