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Virginia House DemocratsGet up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19 › Skip to content Virginia House Democrats About Our Caucus Our Impact Members News Vote Get Involved Donate The Virginia House Democrats are dedicated to creating a better future for Virginia families by guiding efforts to elect Democratic leaders of character, integrity, ability, and vision. Learn More Building a Better Virginia We’re so proud of the progress we’ve made since taking the majority in 2019 and look forward to how much more we can accomplish for the people of Virginia in the years to come. Let’s keep the momentum going. Help us elect the next generation of Democratic leaders to the House of Delegates so we can make even more strides. Get Involved Stay Informed Email Address Cast Your Vote Register or update your voter information today. Register Donate Help us provide Democratic House candidates with the resources and support they need to run successful campaigns. We welcome and appreciate donations of all sizes. $25 $100 $250 $1000 Other Amount Latest News House Democrats Accept Governor’s Amendments on Crucial Legislation RICHMOND, Va.—Today during Reconvene Session, the Virginia House of Delegates accepted Governor Ralph Northam’s amendments and substitutions to 22 pieces of the House Democratic Caucus’ legislation from the 2021 Regular and Special Session. Last month, the Virginia General Assembly adjourned… Read More House Democratic Leadership Supports Independent Investigation into OSIG Report RICHMOND, Va.—Today, the Virginia House of Delegates approved Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed budget amendment to have a private firm conduct an independent investigation on the Office of the State Inspector General’s report after news broke of potential wrongdoing. Virginia Speaker… Read More House Democrats Celebrate as Virginia Repeals the Death Penalty RICHMOND, VA—Today, Virginia becomes the first Southern state to abolish the death penalty after Governor Ralph Northam signed HB 2263. Delegate Mike Mullin (D-93) patroned the bill, while House Democratic Majority Leader Charniele Herring served as the co-patron and the… Read More See More Updates Latest Tweets Retweet on TwitterVA House Democrats Retweeted VLBC@VaBlackCaucus·6h We must revolutionize police accountability here in Virginia. These officers must be investigated immediately & held accountable for their atrocious actions. Below is the VLBC’s Demand for Greater Police Accountability & Statement on the Windsor Police Abusing Lt. Caron Nazario. Reply on Twitter 1381042032471388161 Retweet on Twitter 1381042032471388161 59 Like on Twitter 1381042032471388161 162 Twitter 1381042032471388161 Retweet on TwitterVA House Democrats Retweeted Delegate Cia Price@PriceForDel95·8 Apr Get your vaccine appointment as soon as tomorrow for anyone 18 and up! Read more about why I chose to get vaccinated: Reply on Twitter 1380304449449701377 Retweet on Twitter 1380304449449701377 5 Like on Twitter 1380304449449701377 27 Twitter 1380304449449701377 Retweet on TwitterVA House Democrats Retweeted Delegate Cia Price@PriceForDel95·9 Apr This is your daily reminder that unless otherwise stated, new laws don't go into effect until July 1st. Reply on Twitter 1380616505730064384 Retweet on Twitter 1380616505730064384 29 Like on Twitter 1380616505730064384 231 Twitter 1380616505730064384 Follow Us on Twitter Stay Informed Email Address Connect With Us Paid for and authorized by House Democratic Caucus 1021 E. Cary Street, Suite 1275, Richmond, VA 23219 Not authorized by any Candidate or Candidate Committee Powered by Tech for Campaigns
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