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SENATE OF VIRGINIA PASSES 2020-2022 BIENNIAL BUDGET - Virginia Senate Democratic CaucusVIRGINIA SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS HOME ABOUT OUR SENATORS NEWS CONTACT SIGN UP ABSENTEE VOTING NEWS [DATE REMOVED] SENATE OF VIRGINIA PASSES [DATE REMOVED] BIENNIAL BUDGET Richmond – Today, the Virginia Senate passed its [DATE REMOVED] biennial budget, SB 5015 on a vote of [DATE REMOVED]. This budget reinforces Senate Democrats' commitment to investing in the Commonwealth’s communities, increasing funding for critical policy measures such as broadband access, health and human resources, criminal justice reform, and COVID-19 relief while maintaining structural balance. Senate Finance and Appropriations Chair Janet Howell (D-Fairfax), Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) and Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Mamie E. Locke (D-Hampton) issued the following statements on the passage of the budget: Said Senator Janet Howellt: SENATE OF VIRGINIA PASSES [DATE REMOVED] BIENNIAL BUDGET “We were presented with a challenge in trying to be good stewards of the Commonwealth’s finances while putting forth a budget that would address immediate needs as we work to operate during a pandemic. This budget still prioritizes the people of Virginia while providing structural balance and protecting the Commonwealth’s bond rating. This budget funds criminal justice reform legislation to include police reform, a mental health awareness response system, expungements, and grant funding for body-worn cameras. We also made significant investments in community-based behavioral health. We had to be cognizant of the climate we are in. I am pleased with the work of the Senate Finance and Appropriations members and staff who all worked tirelessly to get this budget before us today.”  Said Senator Dick Saslaw: “We are in challenging times and had to make some hard choices but that’s what we are here to do as leaders, make hard choices. We did that with this budget. And while it’s not the budget we passed in [DATE REMOVED], we were still able to keep many of our priorities funded. It’s a good budget and I was pleased to see the bipartisan support.”  Said Senator Mamie Locke: "This budget prioritizes safety and equity in Virginia thanks to the legislative victories on criminal justice reform during the special session. This budget begins to address the long-standing problems with policing, especially the policing in communities of color. In the aftermath of the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arberry, and George Floyd, Senate Democrats began our process to craft our justice reform agenda. I am proud of the work that I, along with my Senate Democratic colleagues, have done to make Virginia a more equitable Commonwealth."   ### GET THE LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SENATORS FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE » GET EMAIL UPDATES FROM FACEBOOK HOME ABOUT OUR SENATORS NEWS CONTACT SIGN UP ABSENTEE VOTING PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY THE VIRGINIA SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS Political Web Design by New Media Campaigns.
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VA Democrats, Congressional Candidate Dr. Cameron Webb Discuss Importance of Rural Health Care and Protecting the Affordable Care Act - Democratic Party of VirginiaVirginia Voting VIRGINIA VOTING HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE Your Party OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS LOCALITIES JOBS INTERNSHIPS MEET THE DPVA STAFF NEWS SENATE DEMOCRATS HOUSE DEMOCRATS Events UPCOMING EVENTS Store GET INVOLVED VOTE 2021 DONATE NOW Virginia Voting VIRGINIA VOTING HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE Your Party OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS LOCALITIES JOBS INTERNSHIPS MEET THE DPVA STAFF NEWS SENATE DEMOCRATS HOUSE DEMOCRATS Events UPCOMING EVENTS Store OCTOBER 6, 2020 NEWS VA DEMOCRATS, CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE DR. CAMERON WEBB DISCUSS IMPORTANCE OF RURAL HEALTH CARE AND PROTECTING THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT BY DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA SHARE As Republicans continue their efforts to tear down the Affordable Care Act, rural areas are disproportionately at risk, with many in danger of losing access to essential health care services if Medicaid funding is cut. Candidate for Virginia’s 5th congressional district, Dr. Cameron Webb, joined Delegate Chris Hurst (D-Blacksburg), Dr. Makunda Abdul-Mbacke, an OB-GYN from Martinsville, VA, and Krista Davidson, an RN from Roanoke to discuss rural health care and the COVID-19 pandemic. The group touched on the impact the Affordable Care Act has had on Virginians, including providing coverage for an additional 470,000 Virginians through Medicaid expansion. They discussed the importance of building on the ACA through increased services for rural areas, including investing in tele-health and broadband. A full recording of the conversation can be streamed here. "What people often lose sight of is that in the 5th Congressional district, the largest employer is the health care sector….When these hospitals close, it reverberates. It’s not just a loss of health care access, it’s a loss of economic resources, it’s a loss of jobs, the loss of a lifeblood for a community,”said Dr. Cameron Webb, candidate for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. “I’m on the Medicaid board in Virginia, and we are all proud of the Medicaid expansion and the nearly 470,000 Virginians who got coverage, but I want to put it in context of this pandemic. Because during COVID, when people are losing jobs, when employers aren’t able to provide coverage for lots of reasons, 136,000 Virginians gained coverage through Medicaid. Without it, they would have been in a really tough spot.” "The most important issue on the ballot [DATE REMOVED] is health care...The Roanoke and Alleghany districts are seeing the largest outbreak of COVID since the pandemic started, and rural hospitals have limited capacity….We need people who are going to be in Washington and Richmond doing the job to make sure we deal with this pandemic until we get a vaccine in a mature way….We know what can happen with a Democratic majority to improve health care outcomes because we’ve seen it in Virginia -- we’ve expanded Medicaid...Rural hospitals need Medicaid coverage as a lifeline to keep them afloat.”said Delegate Chris Hurst (D-Blacksburg). "What we tend to see in rural areas is late diagnoses for almost everything you can think of….When we have the Affordable Care Act, we start seeing women when you can really make a difference...Having the Affordable Care Act in this area I think has made a real difference in life expectancy and care,” said Dr. Makunda Abdul-Mbacke, MD, MPH, FACOG, board certified OB-GYN from Martinsville, VA. "I'm the mother of a child with a genetic bleeding disorder. Bleeding disorders affect about 400 people in Virginia, and they are lifelong and life-threatening. If the ACA is struck down which we fear this fall, we could lose important protections like the banning of lifetime caps. Some families I know have medical costs that go over a million dollars [DATE REMOVED], and that’s just for medication alone. We could lose access to specialists that we see. Losing the ACA would be detrimental to our community and a lot of Virginians.” said Krista Davidson, RN, BSN, CHPN (Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse) from Roanoke. ### SHARE VIRGINIA DEMS RESPOND TO TRUMP CALLING FOR STOPPING NEGOTIATIONS ON A COVID STIMULUS PACKAGE NEXT POST Keep Virginia Blue JOIN THE PARTY JOIN US GET INVOLVED VOTE 2021 DONATE NOW Home Virginia Voting Your Party Events Store Contact Us DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA [DATE REMOVED] Main Street Suite 2050 Richmond, VA 23219 Telephone: [DATE REMOVED]-1966 Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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