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Senate Democrats Release Statement on Recent Events at the Virginia Military Institute - Virginia Senate Democratic CaucusVIRGINIA SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS HOME ABOUT OUR SENATORS NEWS CONTACT SIGN UP ABSENTEE VOTING NEWS Oct 20, 2020 SENATE DEMOCRATS RELEASE STATEMENT ON RECENT EVENTS AT THE VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE RICHMOND -- Today Senate Democrats released the following statement regarding the recent events at Virginia Military Institute:  “This year in Virginia we have been forced to have serious conversations about race, equity, and justice. The deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery have prompted cries for change throughout our nation. Right here in our Commonwealth, there have been protests and activism occurring in response to the injustice. Senate Democrats have long been champions for justice and equity throughout the Commonwealth.  Now more than ever, we must take a complete account of the horrors within Virginia's troubled history to examine and find solutions for the racial problems that plague our society today. The stories of the racist incidents at the Virginia Military Institute are abhorrent. The treatment that Black and brown students have faced in the history of this institution reminds us that, although we have made progress, there is still more work to be done.  It is in the spirit of learning, growing, moving forward and hearts to be changed, that the Senate Democratic Caucus supports the calls for an independent investigation of these claims and incidents.”    ### GET THE LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SENATORS FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE » GET EMAIL UPDATES FROM FACEBOOK HOME ABOUT OUR SENATORS NEWS CONTACT SIGN UP ABSENTEE VOTING PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY THE VIRGINIA SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS Political Web Design by New Media Campaigns.
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Say NO to Hugo – Virginia House DemocratsGet up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19 › Skip to content Virginia House Democrats About Our Caucus Our Impact Members News Vote Get Involved Donate Say NO to Hugo Say No to Tim Hugo Say Yes to Stopping Gun Violence Tim Hugo chose the gun lobby over public safety.  In November, the choice will lie with you. His record: Tim Hugo took money from and has endorsed by the gun lobby.  In exchange for the gun lobby’s support, he has been completely silent on or opposed: Bans on high-capacity magazines – used in many mass shootings Universal background checks – supported by 94% of Virginians Red-flag laws – temporarily removes guns from those deemed a threat This November, we have the opportunity to elect House Democrats who will fight for common-sense measures that protect Virginia families: Universal background checks Extreme-risk laws High-capacity magazine ban  These laws keep guns away from people with dangerous histories and are supported by over 83% of Virginians! Do you want lawmakers who will do the gun lobby’s bidding or honor the victims and survivors of gun violence with action? We are ready to flip Virginia blue in 2019, but we can’t do it without you! We need your vote this November. RSVP here to get a reminder to head to the polls on November 5! Stay Informed Email Address Connect With Us Paid for and authorized by House Democratic Caucus 1021 E. Cary Street, Suite 1275, Richmond, VA 23219 Not authorized by any Candidate or Candidate Committee Powered by Tech for Campaigns
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State Steering Committee - Democratic Party of VirginiaVirginia Voting VIRGINIA VOTING HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE Your Party OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS LOCALITIES JOBS INTERNSHIPS MEET THE DPVA STAFF NEWS SENATE DEMOCRATS HOUSE DEMOCRATS Events UPCOMING EVENTS Store GET INVOLVED VOTE 2021 DONATE NOW Virginia Voting VIRGINIA VOTING HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE Your Party OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS LOCALITIES JOBS INTERNSHIPS MEET THE DPVA STAFF NEWS SENATE DEMOCRATS HOUSE DEMOCRATS Events UPCOMING EVENTS Store STATE STEERING COMMITTEE The Steering Committee governs all party matters between meetings of the state Central Committee. OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE STAFF PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS SHARE Hon. Susan Swecker, Chairwoman, Democratic Party of Virginia Ms. Gaylene Kanoyton, 1st Vice Chair, Organization Mr. Marc K. Broklawski, DNC ; 2nd Vice Chair of Rules Mr. Ricardo Alfaro, Vice Chair, Technology & Communications Sen. L. Louise Lucas, Vice Chair, Outreach Mr. Tyler Bishop, Vice Chair, Finance Mr. Isaac Sarver, Secretary Ms. Barbara Klear, Treasurer Mr. Yohannes Abraham DNC Member Del. Joshua Cole, DNC Member Ms. Doris Crouse-Mays, DNC Member Del. Elizabeth Guzman, DNC Member Mr. Dave Leichtman, DNC Member Hon. Chris Lu DNC Member Mr. Leopoldo Martinez DNC Member Sen. Jennifer McClellan, DNC Member Ms. Atima Omara, DNC Member Mr. Anthony Perrone DNC Member Del. Jeion Ward DNC Member Mr. Matt Rowe, 1st CD Chair – Stafford Ms. Sandra Brandt, 2nd CD Chair – Virginia Beach Del. Clint Jenkins, 3rd CD Chair – Portsmouth Del. Lashrecse Aird, 4th CD Chair – Petersburg Ms. Suzanne Long, 5th CD Chair – Leon Ms. Kym Crump, 6th CD Chair – Front Royal Ms. Abbi Easter, 7th CD Chair – Chesterfield Ms. Margo Horner, 8th CD Chair – Arlington Mr. Gary Hancock, 9th CD Chair – Pulaski Mr. Zach Pruckowski, 10th CD Chair – Leesburg Mr. Robert Haley, 11th CD Chair – Fairfax Ms. Julie Hunter, Chair, Labor Caucus Mr. Clarence Tong, Chair, VA Association of Democratic Chairs Ms. EJ Scott, Chair, Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia Ms. Linda Brooks, Chair, Women’s Caucus Ms. Maggie Sacra, Chair, LGBT Caucus Mr. Derek Kitts, Chair, Veterans and Military Families Caucus Ms. Maureen Coffey, President, Virginia Young Democrats Ms. Cyliene Montgomery, Chair, disAbility Caucus Mr. Jonathan Dromgoole, President, DLOV Mr. Praveen Meyyan, Chair, Asian-American Caucus Ms. Vee Frye, Chair, Rural Caucus Mr. Mark Cannady, Chair, Small Business Caucus Hon. Dwight Jones Immediate Past Chair SHARE Keep Virginia Blue JOIN THE PARTY JOIN US GET INVOLVED VOTE 2021 DONATE NOW Home Virginia Voting Your Party Events Store Contact Us DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA 919 East Main Street Suite 2050 Richmond, VA 23219 Telephone: 804-644-1966 Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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