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Uganda next CAREERS CARE International in Uganda is an Equal Opportunities, gender sensitive and corruption intolerant employer. CARE International in Uganda does not charge or seek remuneration for any recruitment process. The recruitment process of CARE International in Uganda is centralized within the Country office Human Resource section under the supervision of the HR Manager. A hiring manager initiates the recruitment process by submitting a Signed Employee request (ER) and the Job description to the HR Manager. Upon receipt of the ER, the HR Manager reviews it and if it has been completed correctly, submits it to either the Program Director, Emergency Team Leader or the Country Director for approval. An advert is composed which has to comply with CARE International advertisement standards. We use various modes of advertisement; - Newspapers, our website and through various other network platforms. All candidates go through the same recruitment process, regardless of the nature of the position, to ensure that applications are judged on individual merit. Applications are submitted via our recruitment email: Applicants are subject to pre-screening to ensure they are suitable and once we are able to choose those who meet our criteria , we then go through a series of interviews to ensure we get the right candidate for the job. Our HR department carries out reference checks to confirm the information contained within the CVs. Our interview process is very gender sensitive and as such we are focused on finding candidates who are gender sensitive and aware. Our CARE core values of integrity, transparency, excellence, diversity and Equality are at the center of all that we do, and candidates who wish to join our team are expected to embrace and align their values with our own.   Click on the tabs below to toggle between current vacancies or consultancies. Scroll down to view archive. CURRENT VACANCIES CURRENT CONSULTANCIES The following Job Opportunities are currently available: Initiative Manager - Renewable Energy Specialist DOWNLOAD PDF   Initiative Manager - WAYREP DOWNLOAD PDF   Project Coordinator - Digitalisation DOWNLOAD PDF   Grants Coordinator DOWNLOAD PDF   Archived Jobs Click on the heading to expand. Click again to retract. CLICK TO VIEW ARCHIVED JOB OPPORTUNITIES FEATURED PROGRAMS prev next FEATURED PUBLICATION BUSINESS PLAN [DATE REMOVED] CARE International in Uganda has embarked on a journey to develop the current Business Plan that outlines the strategic goals for the [DATE REMOVED]. MORE PUBLICATIONS LATEST NEWS 04 04 May, 2021 HOW THE WAY PROGRAMME ADAPTED HER INTERVENTIONS AMIDST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC 04 04 May, 2021 THE DINU PROGRAMME REGISTERS MILESTONES AMIDST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC MORE NEWS UGANDA: COUNTRY STATISTICS POPULATION: 41,645,556 LIFE EXPECTANCY: 62.3 YEARS % OF POP FEMALE: 54% AGED 0 - 14: 48% SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS & FEEDS CARE International in Uganda ABOUT COUNTRY DIRECTOR PROFILE & HISTORY VISION & MISSION CORE VALUES CAPACITY STATEMENT IMPACT GROUP PROGRAMS PRINCIPLES & APPROACHES FOCUS AREAS MODELS FEATURED PROGRAMS MEDIA LATEST NEWS PHOTO GALLERY VIDEO GALLERY BLOG EVENT CALENDAR PUBLICATIONS CAREERS WHY WORK AT CARE OPPORUNITIES CONSULTANCIES OTHER CONTACT DETAILS ASSOCIATED LINKS VISITORS Facebook Twitter Youtube Linked in Location Skype © Copyright, CARE International in Uganda 2021 - All rights reserved | Designed, developed & maintained by COMMS 101
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