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kenya Nairobi Hospital, a leading health care institution in Eastern Africa has excellent career opportunities for individuals who possess a passion for excellence, strong work ethic, results oriented and committed to continuous improvement. The successful candidates will be team players with the ability to effectively add value to enabling good patient outcomes and shape best clinical and non-clinical practice in line with our Strategic Plan (2019-2024). AVAILABLE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES; NB: THE NAIROBI HOSPITAL  DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE AT ANY STAGE OF THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS (APPLICATION, INTERVIEW MEETING, PROCESSING, OR TRAINING).   REFERENCE NUMBER VACANT POSITION CLOSING DATE ACTION TNH/HRD/CR/07/21 Chief Radiologist [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/CP/07/21 Chief Pharmacist [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/CP/07/21 Clinical Pharmacist [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/CPG/07/21           Chief Pathologist [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/CCS/07/21 Critical Care Specialist [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/SN/07/21 Specialist, Nephrology [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/MR/07/21 Manager, Radiology [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/SRA/06/21 Senior Registrar, Anesthesia [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/CH-A & E/06/21 Charge Nurse – Accident & Emergency [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/SR/06/21 Senior Radiotherapist [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/QAO/06/21 Quality & Assurance Officer [DATE REMOVED] View TNH/HRD/AP/06/21 Accountant -Payables [DATE REMOVED] View                       ========================================================================================================== Director Human Resources & Operations            The Nairobi Hospital P.O. Box 30026 – 00100 Email: NAIROBI                                THINK YOU COULD WORK WITH US? Successful Applicants will be contacted THE NAIROBI HOSPITAL Over [DATE REMOVED] Of Quality Healthcare 0703 082 [DATE REMOVED] 666000 The Nairobi Hospital, Argwings Kodhek Rd, QUICK LINKS Careers Tenders FAQs Staff Email KHA AGM 2021 Documents Notice of KHA AGM to be held [DATE REMOVED]. Minutes of the AGM held [DATE REMOVED] Annual Report For the Year 2020 KHA AGM Poll Results KHA – Voting Report Summary WE SUPPORT The Nairobi Hospital Copyright ©2017 all rights reserved
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