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Communities of color in Virginia are bearing the brunt of Donald Trump’s COVID-19 crisis - Democratic Party of VirginiaVirginia Voting VIRGINIA VOTING HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE Your Party OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS LOCALITIES JOBS INTERNSHIPS MEET THE DPVA STAFF NEWS SENATE DEMOCRATS HOUSE DEMOCRATS Events UPCOMING EVENTS Store GET INVOLVED VOTE 2021 DONATE NOW Virginia Voting VIRGINIA VOTING HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE Your Party OUR DEMOCRATS CHAIRWOMAN SUSAN SWECKER STATE STEERING COMMITTEE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS AND NETWORKS LOCALITIES JOBS INTERNSHIPS MEET THE DPVA STAFF NEWS SENATE DEMOCRATS HOUSE DEMOCRATS Events UPCOMING EVENTS Store AUGUST 31, 2020 NEWS COMMUNITIES OF COLOR IN VIRGINIA ARE BEARING THE BRUNT OF DONALD TRUMP’S COVID-19 CRISIS BY DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA SHARE Richmond, VA — Donald Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly 120,000 infections and killed over 2,500 people in Virginia alone. But the pandemic’s effects have not affected everyone equally. Communities of color are seeing higher infection and death rates than the Commonwealth as a whole, and Black and Latino workers are bearing the brunt of the economic damage. As the president’s actions continue to exacerbate the worst public health crisis in a century, Virginians of color are shouldering the burden.  In Richmond, 8 out of 10 new COVID cases as of mid-August were a Black or Latino Virginian. In Northern Virginia, Latinos accounted for 60% of the region’s new cases in July, though they represent just 18% of the region’s population. These trends are consistent with national data that shows Black and Latino Americans suffering disproportionately from higher infection and mortality rates from the pandemic. According to data from the Virginia Department of Health, 6 out of the 10 localities with the highest COVID death rate have a larger minority population than the Commonwealth as a whole.  The economic impacts of Trump’s recession have hurt workers and business owners of color in Virginia particularly hard. According to the Roanoke Times, “jobless claims by Black workers have exceeded those by white workers since late June, even though Black people make up only about a fifth of the state’s workforce.” Research shows that Black and Latino workers are much less likely to be able to work from home than white workers nationwide, placing them at greater risk of infection. And sectors that have been the most affected by COVID like retail and hospitality have higher percentages of Black and Latino workers than the economy as a whole.  For small business owners of color, Trump’s mismanagement of the PPP program has shut them out of much-needed economic aid. Nationwide, 110,000 small businesses have closed, with Black and Latino business owners suffering disproportionately. This is particularly difficult for Virginia, which has one of the highest percentages in the country of minority-owned businesses, and whose economy will feel the loss more than most states  “Donald Trump’s failed leadership has caused the worst public health and economic crises that Americans have faced in generations, and communities of color in Virginia are bearing the brunt of the damage. Black and Latino Virginians are more likely to lose a loved one, lose their job, or close their small business due to COVID, yet all President Trump has to say is, ‘it is what it is,’” said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.   ## SHARE DPVA CHAIR PRAISES GENERAL ASSEMBLY DEMOCRATS VOTING TO ADVANCE BUDGET MEASURES TO EXPAND VOTING ACCESS NEXT POST Keep Virginia Blue JOIN THE PARTY JOIN US GET INVOLVED VOTE 2021 DONATE NOW Home Virginia Voting Your Party Events Store Contact Us DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA 919 East Main Street Suite 2050 Richmond, VA 23219 Telephone: 804-644-1966 Privacy Policy | Terms of Service Paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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Say No to David Yancey – Virginia House DemocratsGet up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19 › Skip to content Virginia House Democrats About Our Caucus Our Impact Members News Vote Get Involved Donate Say No to David Yancey Say No to David Yancey Say Yes to Stopping Gun Violence David Yancey chose the gun lobby over public safety.  In November, the choice will lie with you. His record: David Yancey received an “A” rating from the NRA and took $1,250 from the gun lobby.  In exchange for their support, he has been completely silent on or opposed to: Bans on high-capacity magazines – used in many mass shootings Universal background checks – supported by 94% of Virginians Red-flag laws – temporarily removes guns from those deemed a threat This November, we have the opportunity to elect House Democrats who will fight for common-sense measures that protect Virginia families: Universal background checks Extreme-risk laws High-capacity magazine ban  These laws keep guns away from people with dangerous histories and are supported by over 83% of Virginians! Do you want lawmakers who will do the gun lobby’s bidding or honor the victims and survivors of gun violence with action? We are ready to flip Virginia blue in 2019, but we can’t do it without you! We need your vote this November. RSVP here to get a reminder to head to the polls on November 5! Stay Informed Email Address Connect With Us Paid for and authorized by House Democratic Caucus 1021 E. Cary Street, Suite 1275, Richmond, VA 23219 Not authorized by any Candidate or Candidate Committee Powered by Tech for Campaigns
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