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Clarke County Dems – Clarke County Democratic Committee of VirginiaSkip to content Clarke County Dems Clarke County Democratic Committee of Virginia Home About Us Gallery Voting Elections Voting Precincts Election Officials Events Calendar Virginia Representatives Blog Move Into Action Protecting our democracy is not a spectator sport. We're stronger together. DONATE ONLINE Events & Meetings We continue to hold ZOOM online meetings the first [DATE REMOVED] of every month. Sign up for our newsletter to learn how you can participate. Sign up below. Learn More 2021 Legislative Session The Virginia General Assembly is scheduled to convene on [DATE REMOVED] and adjourn on [DATE REMOVED]. Learn More Our Mission The CCDC is dedicated to mobilizing the residents of Clarke Count to elect Democratic candidates with progressive values at the local, state, and national level who support policies that create a thriving economy and flourishing environment for all members of our community. Learn More LaRock Must Go The Loudoun County Democratic Committee, the Clarke County Democratic Committee and the Winchester-Frederick County Democratic Committee call for the immediate removal of the representative of 33rd House District, Delegate David LaRock. We do not make this call lightly; however, with the statements and actions that Delegate David LaRock has made leading up to and during the seditious insurrection that unfolded within the halls of the Capitol, Delegate David LaRock’s immediate resignation is both appropriate, urgent, and necessary. Leading up to the violent mob action that surged inside the U.S. Capitol vandalizing, desecrating and attempting to hold members of congress hostage, Delegate David LaRock used the influence of his office to spread false claims about widespread voter fraud and incite and encourage sedition. Delegate David LaRock went as far as to call for the joint session of congress to not certify the election results, which had already been certified by the state of Virginia in pursuance to the law. Additionally, Delegate David LaRock was outside the Capitol building among the mob and continued to promote false claims on his social media platforms during the event. Delegate David LaRock has not only abused the trust that constituents have with their elected representatives by continuously spreading false claims and trying to stop the constitutional duties of the joint session but has also been complicit in the violence that ensued on [DATE REMOVED]. This is a direct dereliction of his duties under that law and has put not only his constituents but all of the country in danger. Sign up for our mailing list Want to stay informed about what the Democrats in Clarke County are doing? Please take a moment to sign up for our mailing list. Sign Up FOLLOW US CONTACT US Email Address P.O. Box 535 Berrryville, VA 22611 JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER Sign up to receive timely, useful information in your inbox. EMAIL * Copyright © 2021 Clarke County Dems — Lyrical WordPress theme by GoDaddy
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Our Members – Virginia House DemocratsGet up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19 › Skip to content Virginia House Democrats About Our Caucus Our Impact Members News Vote Get Involved Donate Our Members Angelia Williams Graves District 90 Rodney Willett District 73 Vivian Watts District 39 Policy Chair Jeion Ward District 92 Vice Chair for Operations Schuyler VanValkenburg District 72 Roslyn Tyler District 75 Kathy Tran District 42 Deputy Whip Luke Torian District 52 Rip Sullivan District 48 Caucus Chair Suhas Subramanyam District 87 Shelly Simonds District 94 Marcus Simon District 53 Secretary Mark Sickles District 43 Don Scott District 80 Inclusion Officer Ibraheem Samirah District 86 Danica Roem District 13 David Reid District 32 Sam Rasoul District 11 Marcia Price District 95 Ken Plum District 36 Kathleen Murphy District 34 Vice Chair for Outreach Candi Mundon King District 2 Mike Mullin District 93 Democratic Co-Whip Martha Mugler District 91 Delores McQuinn District 70 Sergeant-At-Arms Alfonso Lopez District 49 Democratic Co-Whip Mark Levine District 45 Paul Krizek District 44 Kaye Kory District 38 Mark Keam District 35 Jay Jones District 89 Clint Jenkins District 76 Chris Hurst District 12 Campaign Chair Sally Hudson District 57 Patrick Hope District 47 Charniele Herring District 46 Majority Leader Steve Heretick District 79 Dan Helmer District 40 Cliff Hayes Jr. District 77 Deputy Policy Chair Elizabeth Guzman District 31 Nancy Guy District 83 Wendy Gooditis District 10 Kelly Fowler District 21 Eileen Filler-Corn District 41 Speaker Karrie Delaney District 67 Deputy Whip Joshua Cole District 28 Lee Carter District 50 Betsy Carr District 69 Treasurer David Bulova District 37 Jeff Bourne District 71 Lamont Bagby District 74 VLBC Chair Dawn Adams District 68 Lashrecse Aird District 63 Alex Askew District 85 Hala Ayala District 51 Chief Deputy Whip Stay Informed Email Address Connect With Us Paid for and authorized by House Democratic Caucus 1021 E. Cary Street, Suite 1275, Richmond, VA 23219 Not authorized by any Candidate or Candidate Committee Powered by Tech for Campaigns
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