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Media - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker56%MEET JB MEET JULIANA ON THE ISSUES VOLUNTEER SIGN UP Media In the News Social Media In the News [DATE REMOVED] Gov. J.B. Pritzker Signs $[DATE REMOVED]. Wage Increase Into Law Illinois became the first state in the Midwest [DATE REMOVED] to increase the minimum wage to $15 [DATE REMOVED]. Read Article [DATE REMOVED] Gov. Pritzker Announces $50 Million For Statewide Broadband Expansion Gov. Pritzker announced today that the state of Illinois will be releasing $50 million in funding for the first round of matching grants of Connect Illinois, the state’s $420 million statewide broadband expansion. Read Article [DATE REMOVED] Pritzker touts accomplishments, condemns corruption in State of the State address Gov. JB Pritzker says Illinois is growing stronger each day with financial stability and bipartisanship. Read Article [DATE REMOVED] Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill Capping Insulin Costs Governor JB Pritzker, D-Illinois, put pen to paper [DATE REMOVED] to help stop the rising costs of insulin. Read Article [DATE REMOVED] Pritzker hopes to build on 1st-year accomplishments On [DATE REMOVED], Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker celebrates [DATE REMOVED] in office. ‘I ran on big ideas,’ Pritzker said, reflecting on his four-year term. Read Article [DATE REMOVED] ‘We got a lot done’: Gov. JB Pritzker discusses first year in office 2019 was a big year for Gov. JB Pritzker. Read Article [DATE REMOVED] Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker looks back on accomplishments, shortcomings of 1st year in office Illinois’ freshman governor, JB Pritzker, is wrapping up his first year in office with a stack of accomplishments on his resume… Read Article [DATE REMOVED] More Families Now Eligible For Child Care Assistance Program Illinois leaders have increased the eligibility limit for the state’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) in a change that took effect [DATE REMOVED]. Read Article VIEW ARCHIVE JB on Social Had a great day in Southern IL [DATE REMOVED] talking about our fight to strengthen every corner of our state. Thanks to the farmers, members of Laborers Local 773, and Saline County Democrats for the warm welcome. We’ve done big things together, and I’m so excited for what's next! TWITTER 3 20 Meet Corey Meet Corey. In addition to being a physician assistant, for [DATE REMOVED] he’s been a committed member of our Illinois National Guard. And when I called on the Guard to help set up testing and vaccination sites they led the way to getting the job done. Our state is back to business because we refused to let this pandemic beat us, and people like Corey remind us anything is possible for Illinois. YOUTUBE 677 6 0 Our Rebuild Illinois plan is the largest infrastructure investment in the nation, and we’re fixing our roads and bridges while creating good-paying jobs. Now, we’re improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our transportation system.[DATE REMOVED]/pri… TWITTER 5 43 Meet Jenica Meet Jenica. When things were at their worst, she volunteered to be part of the state’s response to COVID -- one of the many nurses who put themselves at risk to save lives -- and they needed protection to keep up the fight. Illinois health care workers never wavered, and people like Jenica showed us that together, there’s no challenge we can’t overcome. YOUTUBE 691 11 4 We’ve gotten a lot done during our first term. ✅ Restoring our fiscal health ✅ Rebuilding our infrastructure ✅ Expanding health care ✅ Protecting the right to choose ✅ Putting working families first There’s no limit to what we can do together. TWITTER 5 53 Meet Doris and Rick Meet Doris and Rick. When COVID hit, they stopped production of bourbon at their distillery to instead make hand sanitizer for nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers. Like so many Illinoisans they understood that the only way through the pandemic was looking out for each other. Now, the bourbon’s flowing again in Rochelle and we’re on our way back. I’m so inspired by the people of Illinois -- we can accomplish anything if we continue to work together. YOUTUBE 825 12 16 The COVID vaccine is safe and effective, and this news is just one more reason to get vaccinated. If you’ve already gotten the vaccine, talk to the people in your life about how they can get vaccinated to help end this pandemic.… TWITTER 3 43 What's At Stake Our first election made history, and now JB and I are running again to continue building on what we’ve started over these [DATE REMOVED]. We made massive strides to move Illinois in the right direction, but we know there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. We’ve got to help families get through the other side of the pandemic. We’ve got to continue tackling the systemic inequalities and barriers to justice that have been present for too long. We’ve got to build on what we’ve started... YOUTUBE 460 23 11 Lowering healthcare costs for Illinois families has always been one of my top priorities. We’re advancing this mission by putting patients first.… TWITTER 10 50 Strong Leadership [DATE REMOVED], I said I was running to put Springfield back on the side of working families. Now, I’m running for re-election because we’ve got more work to do to make their lives even better than they are today. --- NBC [DATE REMOVED]ly News: “A jump in cases of a deadly, mystery virus.” Good [DATE REMOVED] America: “The deadly, new virus spreading around the world.” Today Show: “How serious is this?” Voiceover: From the beginning, JB Pritzker knew we faced a serious threat. Press Conference... YOUTUBE 43K 32 48 We had such a great time at last weekend’s 92nd #BudBilliken parade! Thanks again to everyone who joined us to [DATE REMOVED], celebrate, and dance. Sign up to join us in the future at TWITTER 2 9 Paid For Seen this ad? It's paid for by the same Republican group who brought you Donald Trump. But why are they attacking Governor Pritzker? Because he's calling out the president's failed leadership. Don't believe their lies. State legislators will not be getting raises. It's Governor Pritzker who worked to pass a bipartisan budget, finding common ground on issues like investing in infrastructure. And he's worked [DATE REMOVED] and day to help Illinois confront the pandemic. Governor Pritzker has risen to... YOUTUBE 87 0 0 My own family came to America as refugees. Illinois became home to my great-grandfather, allowing him to build a life here. As the military helps with evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, Illinois will welcome refugees with open arms -- as we always have.… TWITTER 11 60 Getting Things Done This is a false attack. This is a governor getting things done. The truth is state legislators will not be getting raises. It's Governor Pritzker who worked to pass a bipartisan budget, making education a priority, expanding access to health care, and finding common ground with Republicans on issues like investing in our state's infrastructure. And he's worked [DATE REMOVED] and day to help Illinois confront the pandemic. Governor Pritzker has risen to this moment. YOUTUBE 79 2 1 We’ve worked tirelessly to get big things done for the people of Illinois -- and we have so much more we can do, together. I’m so proud of our positive vision for Illinois, and I can’t wait to continue the fight. TWITTER 2 18 SHOW MORE Download Logo Download Headshot Media Contact: MEET JB MEET JULIANA ON THE ISSUES VOLUNTEER En Español Paid for by JB for Governor Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy
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