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Building an Economy that Works for Everyone - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker47%MEET JB MEET JULIANA ON THE ISSUES VOLUNTEER SIGN UP Building An Economy that Works for Everyone From raising the minimum wage to making historic investments in improving our roads and bridges, JB is strengthening our economy and fighting to put Illinois on sound fiscal footing. In just a short time in office, he’s already getting results that will benefit our state for decades to come. Investing In Job Creation Launched the bipartisan Rebuild Illinois capital plan, the largest in state history, to rebuild roads, bridges, and schools while creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs Cut taxes for 300,000 small businesses Strengthened the Illinois Works Jobs Program by investing in community-based organizations to recruit diverse apprentices to work on the Rebuild Illinois capital program Secured $1 billion investment in research centers of excellence focused on Illinois’ industries, located at the newly created Discovery Partners Institute Created jobs in the innovation economy with public and private investments in new business incubators, artificial intelligence labs, and quantum research Created new high-paying technology and construction jobs with a data center tax incentive program, as well as incentives for job creation on new construction and renovations in underserved communities Positioned Illinois to be an electric vehicle technology hub in the Midwest by providing companies with competitive incentives Helping Working Families Raised the minimum wage to a living wage for all Illinois workers to give 1.4 million people a raise Made college more affordable for Illinois students by expanding in-state scholarships and making more merit scholarships available for high-performing students Prepared our children for the jobs of the future by expanding skills development and refocusing community college programs on the fastest growing industries Making Illinois’ Economy Work For Everyone Launched Connect Illinois to expand broadband internet access to the entire state Created a  business loan fund to expand opportunities for minority business owners Introduced [DATE REMOVED]-year economic plan for Illinois to reinvigorate the state’s economy by focusing on the nation’s fastest growing industries Created a business apprenticeship tax credit to encourage job growth and workforce development Extended the film industry tax credit, creating and supporting thousands of entertainment industry jobs Established annual reporting on corporate board diversity for public companies to encourage greater representation Read More About My Vision For Illinois Putting Illinois on the Path to Fiscal Health After years of dysfunction in Springfield, JB is turning things around and getting results. READ MORE Supporting Jobs, Small Businesses & Our Economy As an entrepreneur and job creator, JB has made improving Illinois’ business climate a top priority. READ MORE SEE ALL ISSUES MEET JB MEET JULIANA ON THE ISSUES VOLUNTEER En Español Paid for by JB for Governor Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy
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Improving Education From Cradle to Career - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker40%MEET JB MEET JULIANA ON THE ISSUES VOLUNTEER SIGN UP Improving Education From Cradle to Career JB knows how important it is to provide a good education for our children — that’s why he has made improving Illinois’ underfunded education system one of his top priorities. From expanded access to early childhood education to raising teacher salaries to making college more affordable, JB is working to correct the failures of previous administrations. Early Childhood Education Expanded child care assistance eligibility to 20,000 more children Strengthened early childhood education and child care with the biggest investment ever in Illinois into early childhood programs and facilities, setting a goal to make Illinois the best state in the nation for raising young families Created an early childhood workforce consortium among higher education institutions that will expand both the size and skill level of educators and caregivers Launched a pilot program to support quality improvements for child care providers in rural Illinois communities Increased reimbursement rates for early childhood educators to provide better early learning for very young children K-12 Education Provided historic funding levels for K-12 students across the state, increasing overall education funding by more than $1 billion Raised the minimum salary for teachers Expanded skills development with new investments in vocational training and career and technical training in high school College Affordability Awarded more than 21,000 additional need-based grants for students and increased the maximum size of each scholarship to a record amount Increased merit scholarships for high achieving college-bound students by 40% Expanded the number of Illinois students eligible for federal tuition aid, giving a record number of students the opportunity to fund their college education Restored and stabilized higher education funding after years of neglect, increasing aid for public universities and community colleges Extending financial aid to eligible students who are undocumented Dedicated $2.9 billion to build state-of-the-art classrooms and rebuild deteriorated school buildings throughout the state Read More About My Vision For Illinois Expanding Quality Affordable Health Care JB knows that access to quality, affordable health care is a fundamental human right. That’s why he’s worked tirelessly to expand access to health care for all Illinoisans. READ MORE Supporting Jobs, Small Businesses & Our Economy As an entrepreneur and job creator, JB has made improving Illinois’ business climate a top priority. READ MORE READ MORE MEET JB MEET JULIANA ON THE ISSUES VOLUNTEER En Español Paid for by JB for Governor Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy
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Protecting Illinois Families - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker100%MENU Protecting Illinois Families In 2019 JB signed a bipartisan balanced budget that corrected the dysfunction of previous years. [DATE REMOVED], he continued that progress by putting in place a budget that protected healthcare, education, and public safety while dealing with a global pandemic. JB’s most important job as Governor is to protect Illinois families and he has put in place commonsense reforms to make everyone in our state safer. One of the first Governors to put a Stay At Home order in place to address the coronavirus pandemic Joined the US Climate Alliance and committed to reducing the state’s carbon footprint Improved public safety by expanding recruitment of new Illinois State Police troopers Elevated and strengthened safety for first responders on state highways Protected immigrant families from Donald Trump’s attacks and expanded access to college for immigrant youth Expanded medical cannabis and legalized adult-use cannabis with the most equity-centric law in the nation for communities that bore the brunt of the war on drugs     Help Spread the Word    Ready to take action? Sign up and we’ll be in touch with opportunities to get involved with our team. Email* Zip Code* COUNT ME IN Read more about our progress in Illinois Making Government Work I’m proud that after years of dysfunction in state government, I signed a bipartisan, balanced budget into law. READ MORE Improving Education From Cradle to Career I’ve made historic investments in early childhood education and made college more affordable. READ MORE Fighting for Quality Affordable Healthcare I believe healthcare is a fundamental human right and have protected and expanded access to care while reducing costs and improving services. READ MORE READ MORE Meet JB Meet Juliana Media Paid for by JB for Governor Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy
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