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Monitoring SEO Tags for Effective Website Optimization

Help Center TutorialsLast updated: 23 October, 2023

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Optimizing your website for search engines requires effective monitoring of SEO tags. This comprehensive guide provides insights into tracking essential elements such as title, meta description, meta keywords, meta robots, and meta viewport. It also covers the importance of tracking social media tags, headings, and outbound links. By utilizing the provided selectors and tips, webmasters and SEO professionals can enhance their website's visibility, organic search ranking, and user experience.

Elements to Track

Use "Text" for the following tracked elements:


  • Title: title
  • Meta description: /html/head/meta[@name="description"]/@content
  • Meta keywords: /html/head/meta[@name="keywords"]/@content
  • Meta robots: /html/head/meta[@name="robots"]/@content
  • Meta viewport: /html/head/meta[@name="viewport"]/@content

Social Media Tags

  • og:title: /html/head/meta[@property="og:title"]/@content
  • og:type: /html/head/meta[@property="og:type"]/@content
  • og:image: /html/head/meta[@property="og:image"]/@content
  • og:url: /html/head/meta[@property="og:url"]/@content

Use "Text (all elements)" for the following tracked elements:


  • h1 tags: h1
  • h2 tags: h2
  • h3 tags: h3
  • h4 tags: h4
  • h5 tags: h5

Set Up Monitoring on

To leverage these selectors effectively for website SEO monitoring, you can integrate them with web monitoring tools such as

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Track New Page, fill in the page URL then select Tracked Elements to track.
  3. Select "Text" as tracked element and then specifying selector to track as indicated above.
  4. Save & start monitoring page for changes.

If you plan to monitor SEO tags for multiple pages, we recommend creating a "Template" and configure the elements listed above. This way you will be able to reuse the configuration on multiple pages without having to manually type the selectors.

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