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Excluding a part of the page from triggering notification

Help Center Reduce false positivesLast updated: 6 September, 2023

In some cases you may want to exclude/remove a section to avoid getting (false positive) notifications where the text changes frequently (e.g. Sidebar that contains new blog posts or a twitter feed at the bottom of the page).

We suggest using the "Remove element" action to exclude sections that you are not interested in. You may use the visual selector to remove the area or add the selector manually.

Commonly excluded sections

Common areas where you may not be interested of tracking changes include:

  • Sidebars (commonly placed in
  • Footers (commonly placed in
    HTML element)
  • Navigation (commonly placed in

You may use the following selector (that you can paste to "CSS/XPath selector" ) to exclude the mentioned elements: aside,footer,nav

Tried the selector above did not work?

Unfortunately, not all websites follow the content sectioning guidelines. If that's the case, you may need use the visual selector to find the area or type the selector manually.

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