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Blocking cookies and Ads in your monitored pages

Help Center Reduce false positivesLast updated: 6 September, 2023

Monitoring tracked pages can sometimes result in frequent false-positive notifications due to cookie popups. To address this issue, we provide the "Blocking cookies and Ads" action, which effectively handles the majority of cookie windows and blocks ads, minimizing unnecessary notifications. Here are some considerations and alternatives to optimize your monitoring experience.

"Blocking cookies and Ads" action

To reduce false positives, we highly recommend implementing the "Blocking cookies and Ads" action on all tracked pages. This action has proven to be effective in handling approximately 99% of cookie popups and preventing ad content from triggering notifications.


In certain cases, if the tracked page is accessed from a non-European country, cookie popups might not be displayed. As an alternative approach, you can choose to perform checks from a different country to avoid encountering cookie-related notifications.

Legacy version of "Block cookies and ads"

Please note that there exists a deprecated version of the "Block cookies and ads" action that targets a smaller range of cookie popups. We strongly advise updating to the current version for optimal performance. Automatic updates are not applied to avoid triggering unnecessary notifications.

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