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Send Website Change Detection Notifications to Microsoft Teams channel

Help Center IntegrationsLast updated: 23 October, 2023

microsoft teams change detection notifications allows you to track changes in websites and get notified instantly via your preferred method. In this article we will discuss how you can setup PageCrawl to receive notifications in Microsoft Teams.


  • You need an account. If you don't already have one, go here to register an account and setup pages you wish to track.
  • You need a paid "Microsoft 365 For Business" plan. Microsoft Teams or Teams Essentials plans are limited and do not have a capability to receive messages from bots.

Create Incoming Webhook Connector

Follow the steps below to create a new Incoming Webhook connector

1. Open a channel in Microsoft Teams and click on three dots on the top-right side. You will need to click on "Connectors" menu item.

microsoft teams connectors

2. Look for "Incoming Webhook" connector and press "Add" to continue

microsoft teams incoming webhook location

3. In case the window gets closed, repeat step 1. again, this time you will notice that "Incoming Webhook" is listed under "Connectors for your team". Click "Configure" to continue

microsoft teams configure webhook

4. Give it a name (e.g., change the image (if you wish) and click "Done"

micorosft teams create connector

5. Copy the "URL".

microsoft teams copy url

Set Webhook URL in

If you would like to receive notifications for all tracked pages, simply paste webhook URL in user notification preferences.

If you only want a single page to be notified via Microsoft Teams. Just set this Webhook URL for a specific page.


What if I can't edit the server? You should ensure you have permissions from the server owner to edit channel.

I didn't receive a notification Please wait for page to change. We will only send a notification when we detect a change.

I receive too many notifications? What can I do? You may setup notification rules to be notified only when e.g. text disappears, number increases, etc.

Other supported notification channels

We do have more supported notification channels to suit everyone's preferences.

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