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Using Custom Proxies to Monitor Pages

Help Center FeaturesLast updated: 23 October, 2023 provides a secure and effective solution for monitoring your website with ease. Our proxy pool offers multiple locations and various types of proxies to ensure that you avoid detection and blocking while monitoring your pages.

However, in some situations, the proxy pool may not meet your needs. That's why allows you to use your own custom proxy or purchase a paid proxy service to unblock specific pages.

Setting up your custom proxy on is a straightforward process. You have the option to configure a proxy for a single page, enable it for multiple pages in bulk, or even create a template for repeated use. You can even paste a large list of proxies, and our system will automatically choose one to open the page. In the event that the page fails to load, we will retry it up to three times with different proxies.

<img alt="custom proxies" src="/images/blog/custom-proxies.png" style=" width: 60%; margin: auto;">

With, you have the flexibility to configure a proxy for specific pages, bulk enable for multiple pages, or create a template for reuse.

Contact us for proxy quote

You may contact support at and we will be able to review the pages you want to track and provide a quote for residential proxy services to unblock the pages you wish to monitor.

Important Note about Free Proxies

It is essential to be mindful of the limitations of free proxies. These proxies may seem like a cost-effective solution, but they come with several drawbacks. Free proxies are often slow, unreliable, and can stop working at any time. This is why we strongly recommend avoiding the use of free proxies in critical or mission-critical scenarios. Instead, consider using paid proxies or custom proxies that you have set up yourself to ensure stability and reliability for your website monitoring needs.

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