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Canceling or upgrading your subscription

Help Center Account settingsLast updated: 20 February, 2023

Changing plan or billing interval

If you would like to change or upgrade your plan, just go to your Subscription settings and choose a plan you want to switch to. Upgrades/downgrades are prorated, meaning, that the unused time will be applied as a credit for the next payment. e.g. you subscribed to $8/mo plan but you only used it for half-a-month and decided to upgrade to $30/mo plan. When upgrading, 4$ will be credited back and the remaining half-of-the-month of $30/mo plan will only cost you 11$.

Canceling or Suspending your account

You can cancel your subscription, by going to your Subscription settings and clicking on the red "Downgrade to Free" button. The subscription will be canceled immediately.

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