How to Set Up Craigslist Alerts To Receive Instant Notifications For New Listings

10 October, 2023

Craigslist is a treasure trove of opportunities, whether you're searching for a new job, a place to live, or looking to buy or sell items. However, it can be time-consuming to keep refreshing the page in hopes of finding a hidden gem before someone else does. That's where Craigslist alerts come to the rescue. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up Craigslist alerts and receive instant notifications for new Craigslist posts using

Streamlining Your Craigslist Experience with is a powerful web scraping tool that can be used to monitor and extract data from websites, including Craigslist. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up Craigslist alerts using

1. Sign Up for

Getting started is a breeze. The first step is to create a account, which you can do by visiting their website and following the straightforward registration process. If you need more frequent checks than what the free plan offers, you might consider subscribing to a paid plan.

2. Create a New Tracked Page

Once you've successfully registered and logged in, you can create a new tracked page dedicated to your Craigslist alerts.

3. Configure Your Craigslist Alert

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of setting up your Craigslist alert. In your page settings, follow these steps:

Select "Craigslist page listing" as your data source. Specify the location you're interested in, whether it's a city or a specific region. Define your search criteria, including keywords, price range, category, and other relevant filters. Paste the Craigslist URL that you want to monitor directly into

4. Set Up Notifications offers a variety of notification options, including email, SMS, and integration with messaging apps like Slack. Choose the notification method that suits your preferences and configure it to receive instant alerts.

5. Activate Your Alert

With all your settings in place, it's time to activate your Craigslist alert. will kick into action, constantly monitoring the Craigslist website for new posts that align with your specified criteria.

6. Sit Back and Relax

Now that your alert is up and running, you can relax and let do the heavy lifting for you. It will diligently watch over Craigslist and promptly send you notifications as soon as new posts matching your criteria are published.

Too Many Alerts - Filtering Posts by Specific Keywords

As you start receiving alerts, you might find that you're inundated with new posts. To cut through the noise and only receive notifications for listings containing specific keywords, you can use the "JavaScript" Tracked Element type and insert the following code:

(function search () {
    const keywords = "remote, data entry, part-time";
    const result = ([]".result-node .result-info .title-blob"), (e) => keywords.toLowerCase().split(',').some(keyword => e.textContent.toLowerCase().includes(keyword)))
        .map(e => {
            return e.querySelector("a .label").textContent + ": " + e.querySelector("a").href
        .sort((a, b) => a ? a.localeCompare(b) : 0)
    return result || "No Results Found";

Make sure to adjust the keywords in the code, found under "remote, data entry, part-time," to match the specific keywords you're interested in tracking.

With's Craigslist alerts and the ability to filter posts based on keywords, you can maximize your efficiency and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to discovering Craigslist's hidden treasures. Say goodbye to manual page refreshes and hello to a smarter way of searching for opportunities on Craigslist. Give a try and experience the convenience of effortless Craigslist alerts.

Page last updated: 10 October, 2023