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Receive notifications when new Playstation 5 stock becomes available

4 August, 2022
Currently, Playstation 5 gaming consoles are in a limited supply. Therefore, you need to wait until the stock reappears in a retailer's website and usually gets sold out within an hour. Using you may track the page changes and get notified instantly via your preferred notification me... (read more...)

Receive notifications when COVID-19 vaccine becomes available

23 March, 2021
Currently, COVID-19 vaccines are in a limited supply. Therefore, you need to wait to get a vaccine and usually book an appointment if you are eligible. Problem is that find a suitable slot is becoming rather difficult. In each country/region/city there is a different website that you can check fo... (read more...)

Monitoring changes in the website

13 February, 2021
It is a time-consuming process to manually check for changes in a website content. Especially, if it is an e-commerce site or a news website where changes in content happen quickly and suddenly. "" is a user-friendly, cloud-based tool which helps you to track and monitor visual changes... (read more...)